Tell your brand narrative with compelling videos and drive your ad campaigns across relevant and popular videos

Video Marketing is relatively new component of digital marketing. It involves creating short video clips using readily available content that can be sourced from product literature, brand publicity and marketing guides, scripts, best practices guides and whitepapers, articles, etc., for promoting your band or service, and placing it on video hosting and sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo for distribution and monetization.

A well described YouTube video can appear in Google and other search results, driving another good opportunity for your brand to be discovered. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, making YouTube an incredible resource for brand promotion and driving traffic to your websites.

There’s an immense potential to build video content that rocks and win your audience. The priority should always to create video content that conveys your brand’s message, engages your audience, and help you achieve your goals, and help you in your sales journey. In the process, if it become viral, that’s like a cherry on the cake. But never crate a video campaign with the prime intention of making it viral, and in the process, making false claims about your products or services. This can backfire in case the promises and claims are un-realistic, and bring bad repute to products.

You can use sites like YouTube as a platform for customer support, where you can answer FAQ’s about your products and services, reinforcing your brands commitment and accountability to customers. You can provide sneak peek videos of products in production pipeline, webinars to educate your customers about new products, updates, upgrades, and features.

There’s every possibility that your competitors and prospective customers are already making videos related your domain. In that case, it becomes all the more important to stay in competition by leveraging the benefits of video marketing. Build interesting and unique content.

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We offer a variety of multi channel digital marketing services to our clients including


You may be aworking as a digital marketing professional for an agency, or an entrepreneur having your own business, getting data driven insights and information about your current and prospective customers helps you take in formed decisions and plan your digital marketing strategy.

Almost all the brands having online presence in form of website, blog or an app, use analytics to know about prospective customer’s journey, behaviour and how they consume and engage with content.

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SEO is all about impacting how visible your website is in a search engine’s organic results. It is the process of optimizing and making improvements to your website or blog in order to get better ranking and exposure in search engine results.

Our SEO services help increase your brand reach and visibility across Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) organically.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a popular digital marketing technique used by organizations to increase their brand visibility in the digital space, specially across Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) .

Display advertising involves promoting your brand across contextually relevant websites part of Google and Bing's display network in form of dynamic and interactive banners ads.

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Plan and manage communications and marketing through the rapidly emerging and influential social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and assesses various social media platforms as effective social media platforms.

We use tools and techniques to increase website traffic using social media platforms, and monitor your brands performance across social channels from a central place.

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Email marketing is used for branding and promotional purpose. You can promote your products and services, offer discounts, incentives and promotion codes, extend customer support, provide receipts using the most effective digital marketing channel.
Send customized emails to a large audience including your subscribers at a pre-determined schedule or time.

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Video's are the most popular way of communicating a brand story, and receive maximum traction and engagement as compared to other rich media forms.

We can create highly engaging videos and corporate films for your brand, and also display your video and banner advertisements across popular video hosting platforms like YouTube and thousand of websites part of Google and Bing's display network.

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Connect, engage and influence individual prospects through and with hand-held devices like tabs, smart phones and mobile phones. At some point of their customer journey, consumers are going to use their hand-held devices like smart phones and tablets to purchase or consume your products and services.

Marketers thesedays are using some form of mobile marketing — either SMS, push notifications, mobile apps, or location-based functionality. Marketers are shifting their focus to deliver more tailored, one-to-one mobile interactions.

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Manage all your customers, partners and prospects information all in one place. CRM is a pre- to post-sale strategy companies use to track customer relationships.

With our CRM services, we help you track all the marketing and sales touch points including email, mobile, website, live chat, and social media, providing customer-facing teams with detailed context on a client’s activity, behaviour and feedback.

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Having right information and content to communicate is very important when it comes to digital marketing. Content marketing is all about putting out content having ‘shock’, ‘interest’and ‘remark’ value online. Content marketing helps you serve right content to right audience.

Content marketers aim at creating content that is so remarkable that mediums with greater media outreach like television, print and online media write about your content free of charge and is shared by people willingly.

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