How magazine and newspaper publishers can increase Ad revenue by creating digital apps for magazines and newspapers through digital publishing BY Irine Digital MAGAZINE Factory Pvt. Ltd


Support for Landing pages, statistical and end user data in form of analytics, to decide marketing strategy and gauge consumer behavior, ad replacements, i.e., different advertisement for different regions, positioning of the back cover, social media integration, eCommerce and fly over support are just a few functionalities to increase ad revenue.

Advertisements can be integrated throughout the magazine, helping publishers to increase ad revenue and compensate for declining revenue from print channels.

Publishers have for long availed services of merchandisers to sell content online in a presentable and attractive way. Digital publishing offers publishers with a in hand tool to monetize content, by offering a completely customizable interface for presentation and consumption of content, products and services, providing a streamlined and user friendly purchase process, brand engagement and increased revenue.

Create an in-App custom store as a part of eCommerce strategy, and easily merchandise products and services to a global audience. Product over-view pages in the digital magazine helps end users to check-out and buy products on the fly, by tapping on the products and making the purchase through in-app browsers on the product website. Shopping through digital magazine is the next big thing.

While the click through rates for social media channels like Facebook have shown a gradual decline, the click through rates for advertising in digital magazines are on a all time high.

With the limited advertisers budget, and multiple publishers in the game, advertising budget shifts to value based models. Success of a campaign matters more-then number of impressions. Looking for innovative models to complement their existing portfolio, advertisers are looking forward to leveraging interactive functions to engage in direct customer contact and track consumers’ activities until the commercial actions.

Interactive features provide extended support for Advertisements and product over-view pages. tapping on a button on hyper-link takes the end user to advertisers website or eCommerce site, clicks and user interaction on the landing page are recorded and reported to publishers via integrated analytics service with the digital publishing suite.

Additional content, that can not be shown on the layout due to design consideration or strategic resons, can be displayed in form of fly-overs and pull-outs. Tapping a button pops-up a small window or frame containing additional information pertaining to the advertisement, product, service or content. These hidden windows can contain multi-media content like audio, video, hyper-links, slide-shows etc.

Territory based advertising. Display different advertisements for different regions.

In digital publishing, positioning of the back cover can be changed. Back-covers can appear directly after the front cover as well, unlike print. Back covers are leveraged by print publishers for advertising.