Digital Publishing Tools, Solutions and Services by Irine Digital Magazine Factory

Digital Publishing Tools and Services

DMF has tied-up with most of the digital publishing suite and lay-outing software manufacturers. The digital publishing suites are either stand-alone products or work as plug-ins with lay-outing softwares like Adobe InDesign and Quark Express. For digital conversion of pdf magazines, most of the services are cloud based or PDF authoring is done. The user experience created for digital magazines using digital publishing suites is much intuitive and engaging, then the one created using pdf authoring tools and services.

Depending on the kind of requirement and budget, we suggest and use the best matching tool to create digital magazines. The initial print to digital re-purposing of content is done in Adobe InDesign or Quark. Interactive overlays are added using digital publishing suite. Review issues are uploaded to content deliver server. Issues are shared with publishers for feedback cycle, and then published through distribution service.

Interactive features supported by most of these digital publishing tools are audio/ video, hyperlinks, scrollable content and scrolls, image pans, slideshows, pinch and zoom, image sequences, 360 degree, panoramas, social sharing etc. Advance interactive and nest overlays are supported by Adobe’s digital publishing suite, and Mag+, which offer the highest set of feature set. But, it’s a matter of time before all the digital publishing tools reach maturity, and offer same set of features, and no differentiation could be made between them as far as user experience goes.

DMF opens the doors for Digital Publishing Suite manufacturers to publishers, and removes the head-ache for publishers to spend on R&D, hiring and training of resources on digital publishing technologies.