Let us have a look at how Digital Magazine Factory works.


Digital Magazine Factory specializes in publishing interactive digital magazine apps across leading tablets, smartphones, hand-held devices and marketing stores. Market use cases includes interactive apps for magazines, newspapers, in-house employee communication newsletters, annual reports, brochures, sales enablement tools, events, academics and destinations.

DMF has tied up as re-seller and solution partner with most digital publishing suite manufacturers like Adobe, WoodWing, Twixl, Aquafadas and offers personalised services matching publisher requirements.

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Magazines were sold at kiosk or via subscriptions. Revenue came from advertisements and per copy price. Competition between print publishers, limited advertisers budget and availability of free content on net is contributing to decline of print magazine circulation and the publishing business model.

Highly interactive digital magazines, touch screen functionality, seamless re-flow of text creates engaging user experience, catches the eye and optimizes readability. Digital publishing tools provide a bunch of interactive features, which can be used by publishers to re-create the magic of print, web and digital, all in one.

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Technical challenges for print publishers wanting to go digital are multi-fold. With certified experienced resources, we provide with a back-end team to take care of print to digital conversion. From hiring skilled resources or trainings them, to procuring the right digital publishing suite, digital publishing presents a huge time and cost implication for most print publishers.

Expertise over constantly evolving digital publishing market, including store-enablers, multiple channels, devices per channels and operating systems, gives us an edge over our competitors

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DMF lets publishers focus on core competency, i.e., creating unique content. No specific requirement to procure expensive software or spend on skill development. Our designers & device experts take care of bringing content to different device types with best user experience, making them available for sale across channels and devices, an ANSWER to all your worries for going digital.

There are no investment risks for print publishers by out-sourcing to an end to end service provider like us.

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With years of experience behind them, our certified digital publishing experts are the driving force behind DMF. We specialize in most of the digital publishing suites including, but not limited to, Adobe DPS, Mag+, Twixl, App Studio and Aquafadas. We're authorized solution partner and re-seller for few of these brands.

With hands on experience in digital publishing, we're familiar with all the nuances, work-flow issues and are ready with solutions & workarounds to resolve meet critical deadlines.

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DMF connects digital publishing with leading Content Management Systems. Leverage CMS workflows to quickly assemble digital magazines, repurposing corporate media assets from across the organization.

We've expertise to integrate with publishers existing EMS . On the other hand, with the range of available digital publishing and PDF authoring tools at disposal, un-coupling the existing CMS and EMS with the preferred choice of digital publishing solution is another advantage.

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Support for Landing pages, statistical and end user data in form of analytics, to decide marketing strategy and gauge consumer behavior, ad replacements, i.e., different advertisement for different regions, positioning of the back cover, social media integration, eCommerce and fly over support are just a few functionalities to increase ad revenue.

Advertisements can be integrated throughout the magazine.

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From procuring license for digital publishing tools to procuring App store developers credentials. From putting the digital magazine on different App stores, channels and devices, to reporting data driven backend analytics, we provide end to end digital publishing services to publishers.

DMF works as an agency with a customized business model to best suite publishers budget and requirements.

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Publishers deliver a print ready InDesign/ Quark package to DMF. No relay-outing or re-purposing of content is required by DMF. Device Experts ensure that magazine is published to all the contracted devices, and equipped to tap all the latest devices as well.

Quality Assurance ensures once the print to digital conversion is over, the display, rendering and user experience of the digital magazines is as per the highest standards.

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Find out how your brand can benefit with digital apps across industries and verticals.


Irine Digital Magazine Factory (DMF) specializes in publishing interactive digital magazine apps across leading tablets, smartphones, hand-held devices and marketing stores. Maximize circulation revenue, cater to global audience, measure end user behavior & engagement, by providing us with print ready InDesign files and all the raw data.

DMF has tied up as re-seller and solution partner with best digital publishing suite manufacturers like Adobe, Mag+, Twixl, Aquafadas, etc . Our production team creates dynamic, highly intuitive & interactive magazines that catch user attention with its truly high-end user experience and attract advertisers.

Consumer magazines - Captivate readers with great story-telling using dozen of interactive features like slideshows, audio-videos, hyperlinks, image-pangs, 360 panoramas, scrollable content, web views, RSS feeds, streaming videos, quiz and puzzles.

Keep your readers hooked all the time by leveraging real-time updates from your websites and RSS feeds, making use of all the raw data in form of slideshows, image pans and videos, adding more value than print editions.

Provision login credentials for your print subscribers to have ready access to entitled issues on multiple devices, and create new customers by running campaigns, without having to pay for free downloads to us. We offer a simple rev-share or pay per App model to publishers. No charges for incremental issue downloads.

B2B magazines - Increase readership and click-through rates with editorial that’s interactive and multi-platform advertising. Create new revenue streams and business strategy by understanding end user behavior and market trends through on the fly analytics powered by solutions like Omniture Site Catalyst and Google Analytics.

Association magazines - Engage members with seamless access to your digital editions. A custom storefront makes back issues available for purchase, while in-app marketing tools let readers share content with their social networks.

Associations can keep their members up-to-date on the latest news and happenings by delivering mobile content directly to mobile devices at a fraction of the cost of print. Distribute your app privately, or just use log-in function to gate members-only content.

Publishers can integrate their app with an existing database of users or print subscribers. With in-app purchases and subscriptions, your app generates new revenue streams. Our set of interactive newspaper templates, interactive features, gaming enrichments and automation process account for time and cost effective work-flows . With powerful engagement tools like push notifications and message management, you can easily communicate with your readers and build a sense of community.

Social sharing features help grows your online presence, and further drive traffic to your brand pages on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and website. Interactive features like streaming audio-video, slideshows, hyperlinks, panoramas, buttons, gaming enrichments mean a highly engaging and intuitive end user experience, unlike print replicas used by most PDF authoring digital publishers.

Games, quizzes, and puzzles - Digital comics, where characters talk, move and even dance. What we offers is a truly interactive and immersive experience in form of digital comics, bundled as mobile apps, e-books and web readers. Shots and scenes where illustrations are animated, cameras move from with transition effects from one scene to other, and render beautifully across devices types and platfiorms.

Over a dozen of gaming enrichments and puzzles like Maze, Crossword, Sudoku add to user experience, can be played in real-time, and are awesome concepts for coffee break sections.

Ebooks, ePubs & Manuals - DMF creates interactive digital editions for authors and book publishers, across channels and devices. Support for Fixed-layout ePUBs for eReaders, reflowable-layout ePUBs, iOS Apps for iPhone and iPad, Android Apps, Branded Web Readers. With your brand ebook reader apps, your customers can have uniform user experience across different devices and platforms. Also, the reading/learning data stored (Eg. Bookmarks, Notes, Highlights, etc.,) by the users are synchronized on the cloud for anytime, anywhere and any device access.

White labeled eBook reader apps means a custom branded App DMF create for you, that can also be integrated with your website/portal to augment your brand identity, and get connected and access your customer's profile, interests, behavior and purchase patterns.

We provide strong Digital Rights Management (DRM) mechanism for content protection from piracy and illegal distribution. Protecting multimedia-rich, interactive and engaging content is no more a challenge. DRM lets you protect content of different formats and standards such as PDF, ePUB2 and ePUB3 (free-flow and fixed-layout).

Marketing, Corporate & Employee Communications - Deliver your annual report, brochures, brand and retail materials and other marketing collaterals through a mobile experience that impacts business results.

From annual sustainability report, to in-house employee communication systems or mailers. Keep your company connected with employee communication tools delivered in a secure, internally distributed mobile app. Push HR info, training materials or company news that employee actually read.

Instead of waiting for employees to log on to the intranet from office or lap-tops, send a regular report directly to their phones and hand-held devices. You can even create personalized content by defining filters, like department, position, region etc. Make use of messages & Push notifications to send real-time updates for urgent news and big deals.

Improve employee onboarding process by creating a training app complete with everything employees need to get up to speed quickly, navigate the company, and succeed in their jobs. Make training materials more engaging with interactive, mobile-based content. Empower your employees to educate themselves anywhere with on-the-go, portable training. Reach employees in new and interactive ways through newsletters and magazines that keep them up to date and engaged on market trends, company initiatives, and the firm’s vision. Convert printed training materials, employee magazines, newsletters, and more into timely digital content — available on the devices your employees use every day.

Overhaul communication program with a privately distributed mobile newsletter. Where traditional paper gets lost or tossed, members will now have easy access to all the latest news and an archive of past info.

Step up your training with engaging mobile-native materials you can create and distribute for a fraction of the cost of print. Even better, training apps can include feedback, quizzes and an ongoing channel for communication. Plus, analytics will let you see who has opened and used the content any time.

Drive sales and measure the impact on your business - Gain absolute freedom over campaign management and optimization: definE your own pace and rates, instantly introduce changes by making data-driven optimization decisions. Equip sales representatives with access to your latest presentations, price lists, product information, and proposals.

Quickly create, update, and distribute engaging sales tools that help teams close deals faster. Built-in analytics measure the app’s impact on your business and helps formulate data driven strategies. Communicate brand philosophy, vision, and unique product features.

Digital Brochures - Showcase your products and services through custom branded white label apps across channels and devices. Create intimate, interactive and engaging digital brochures and product guides to drive sales.

Look and feel of a visually pleasing well designed layouts and interactive features, with seamless reflow of text, accounts for increased dwell times, lasting interest and engaging user experience.

Add value to your digital brochures by powering them with user feedback and suggestion forms, in-app on-click purchasing, and social sharing.

In-App buttons, hyperlinks and web overlays boost link-bait strategies, drive traffic to your websites and improve search engine optimization. It acts as a vehicle that prompts user traffic to web pages, web offers, online shopping carts, and ultimately more conversions and higher search rankings.

From M-commerce to E-Brochures, mobile devices are the best digital showcase your products could have. Stunning video galleries and behind-the scenes stories make you feel like you’re behind the wheel.

Provide users access to brand content, materials, ads and campaign offers which are housed on other sites such as Google Maps, Foursquare, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook and Flickr from digital brochures.

Destination Apps, Travel Guides & Exhibits - Since the market of travel, tourism keep evolving rapidly, the information, schemas, and travel packages keep changing from time to time. This result in all these print collateral becoming obsolete and redundant. There’s a need to have a tool in place, that updates in real-time, is time and cost effective to create. A lot of printed material like brochures, guides, maps and associated expenses could be done away with for good, thanks to destination applications.

Apart for replacing the traditional printed matter, they help the visitors thoroughly explore a destination using features like 360 degree panoramas, slideshows, audio-videos, image sequences, image panning, pan and zoom, g-maps, etc., providing useful info, help to navigate and share their experiences via social media. Such apps are also an additional channel for promoting and monetizing a destination.

Destination apps have a huge market scope. From Hotels to famous resorts, parks, museums, galleries, you name it, and you’ll find an interesting case for adding value by providing your guests and visitors and virtual and digital guide.

In the destination mobile app market evolves rapidly, we offer customization and branding, flexibility of the approach and dozens of interactive features, social sharing and data driven analytic study of end user behavior.

Catalogs & eCommerce Apps - Catalogs and eCommerce Apps, when designed in Adobe InDesign, and digitalized by one of the many digital publishing suites we use, bring your apps to life. A well designed and crafted layout not only looks visually pleasing and eye-catching, but also what appeals to end users are the end-less scope of digitalization and in-depth product info and insights available, accounts for high dwell and app consumption periods.

Flow text seamless across pages, have products lay-out just like a print magazine, or a digital slideshow in form a filmstrip, product thumbnails that expand on taps, change colors of your products by tapping a color swatch, rotate your products 360 to view them from any angle, pinch & zoom to views products at any zoom specification, tap on products to have more detailed info and specifications of each products, and check-out products on the fly by a simple tap of finger to launch your website in an in-app browser.

Let customers browse and shop from full collection of your products on a native white label app. Best of all, every single pair is “clickable and shippable.”

Annual Reports - Deliver digital annual reports to key stakeholders. Showcase your brands’ products through image slideshows, and brings financials to life with clear, interactive visuals.

Sales content - Differentiate your sales experience with interactive presentations, playbooks, coaching tools, and training content. Employ videos, slideshows, and more to showcase the marketing tools and programs you provide. Create consistency around sales presentations by building a tablet app that shows market statistics, technical specs and addresses customer pain points.

Measure your results - Connect to leading CRM platforms, such as Salesforce, and has built-in analytics, so you can correlate what's being viewed with sales. Make your numbers shine by delivering your sales reports inside in your Apps. Create high-quality charts and graphs & deliver timely information directly to those who need it.

Create highly intuitive and interactive custom branded apps for meetings and gatherings of over 10 – 10000 attendees, that engage users with in-person experience, captures valuable feedback and provides for in-depth analysis of end-user behavior.

Enterprise digital apps can be customized to provide white label experience you would expect to promote your events as per brand standards and still make it a success, in a time and cost effective manner.

The real-time updates, push notifications, and set of over dozens of interactive features like social sharing, RSS Feeds, slideshows, web content, audio-video streaming, hyperlinks and buttons, scrollable content, quiz and gaming enrichments, 360 panoramas, nested overlays and complex interactive features provides for highly customized and engaging user experience.

Create up-to-date schedules, locations with support for Google maps, speaker profiles, presentations, and exhibitor details. Real-time dynamic feeds help you tap targeted audience with latest news, happenings, event info and interactions.

Empower attendees to socialize, network and meet like-minded people, share content including feed-back, comments, bookmarks, photos, notes and much more. Integrate the in-app experience with social networking platform for your events page. An analytics lets your study and understand attendee behavior, and devise better strategies for subsequent events. Add exhibitor details, floor maps, meeting agenda and more. Conduct on the fly polls, quiz, surveys, Q&A, and share results instantly.

Captivate your campus community by turning printed pieces like recruitment brochures, game-day programs, and alumni magazines into engaging, immersive content.

Provide on the fly news to your students, teachers, alumni, community and fans. Create custom branded apps, deliver interactive, engaging experiences anytime, anywhere and improve brand awareness.

Delivers scores, home-work assignments, projects, announcements and news to students on their smart-phones. Add rich media to admissions materials and personal messaging to specific segments of your campus audience.

Athletics - Connect students and alumni to your school’s sports teams by designing and distributing team programs or athletic guides to mobile devices. Include game photos, highlight videos and player stats, as well as real-time updates during the games.

Admissions - By conveying information with rich, interactive content packaged in compelling digital apps, improve the way you communicate with students, faculty, alumni, donors, and fellow researchers.

Create a connection with prospective students on the mobile devices they already use by putting admissions materials in your college Apps. Add maps, contact forms and even current campus news to make students feel like part of the campus no matter where they are.

Student Portfolios - Want to really make an impression in that job interview? Send your prospective employer your own personal app showcasing a portfolio of your work. Whether its photos, journalism, digital design or even Web sites, an app is an inexpensive way to stand out from the crowd.


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