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Microsoft Azure Architect Certification Training by certified and experienced professionals from Irine Digital Factory.



 Why Android?
 Key Advantages
 Course Overview
 Interesting Facts about this Course
 Evolution of Android Application Development
 Establishing the Need
 Market Trends and Predictions for Android Apps
 Objectives
 Course Breakdown

Introduction to Android Development
 Installing Android SDK and Android studio
 Android Architecture
 Key Features of Android 6.0 Marshmellow
 Creating Android Project
 Simple App Demo to take input and say “hello + name”

Android Activity and Intents
 Activity LifeCycles
 Intents, Passing data, Launching activities
 Supporting different devices
 Adding Action Bar
 Saving data

Layouts and Controls
 Android Layouts
 Menus
 Input controls
 Settings
 Dialogs
 Toasts
 Drag and Drop

List Views and SQLite
 List Views
 Loader
 Methods to manage SQLite database

Content Providers
 Content provider basics
 Creating content providers
 Calendar provider
 Contact provider

UI and Fragments
 Fragments
 Dynamic UI with Fragments
 Loaders
 Tasks and back stack

Location and Sensors
 Getting a current location
 Using maps with location
 Location strategies
 Sensors overview
 Motion sensors
 Position sensors
 Environment sensors

Multimedia Audio and video & camera
 Media playback
 Media router
 Media route provider
 Camera

Introduction to Google Play
 Norms upload application
 Checklist

Connecting Devices wirelessly
 Android Wireless APIs
 Network Service Discovery
 Registering the Service
 Discovering Services on Network
 Resolving a Service on the Network
 Unregistering a Service
 P2P Connections with Wi-Fi
 Wi-Fi P2P Connection Setup
 Wi-Fi P2P for Service Discovery

Battery Optimization
 Optimizing Downloads
 Optimizing Downloads—Prefetching Data
 Minimizing Regular Server Updates

Syncing with cloud/Server
 Syncing with Cloud
 Auto Backup in Android 6.0
 Supporting Older Versions of Android
 Sync Adapters
 Sync Adapters—Components
 Creating a Stub Authenticator
 Creating a Stub Content Provider
 Creating a Sync Adapter
 Creating Sync Adapter Class
 Create a Bound Service
 Create Sync Adapter XML Metadata File
 Declare Sync Adapter in Manifest
 Adding the Account
 Running the Sync Adapter

Building App for enterprise
 Android for Work
 Managed Profiles
 Compatibility with Managed profiles
 Testing Compatibility with Managed Profiles
 Android for work—Application Restrictions
 Implementing Externally Configurable Application Restrictions
 Defining Application Restrictions
 Reading Application Restrictions
 Device Policy Controller
 Creating a Managed Profile

Google Play to distribute and monetize
 Selling In-App Products
 Preparing In-App Billing
 Creating In-App Products
 Query In-App Products
 Purchasing In-App Product
 Consuming In-App Purchased Product
 Testing In-App Billing Application
 Need for Multiple APKs
 Maintaining Multiple APKs

Best practices for User Interface
 Adaptive UI Flows
 Handling Screen Configuration
 App Bar
 App Bar—Implementation
 Adding Actions
 Action Bar—Up Navigation
 Action Views
 Action Providers
 Snackbar

Creating Wearable Apps
 Android Wear Introduction
 Android Wear User Interface principles
 Android Wear Application design principles
 Android Wear Application types
 UI Patterns for Android Wear - Cards
 UI Patterns for Android Wear - Pages
 UI Patterns for Android Wear - Action Buttons
 UI Patterns for Android Wear - Action Countdown and confirmation
 UI Patterns for Android Wear -Action on Cards
 UI Patterns for Android Wear - 2D Picker
 Building Android Wear Application

On-Site Classroom Training

  • Course Duration: 40 Hours
  • Course Cost: Rs. 50,000/ Day + Taxes
  • Infrastructure Required: Apple Compatible Projector, Wifi Connectivity
  • Attendees allowed: 20

Off-Site Virtual Training via Adobe Connect or Cisco WebEx

  • Duration: 40 Hours
  • Cost: Rs. 45,000/ Day + Taxes
  • Infrastructure Required: Wifi Connectivity
  • Attendees allowed: 20
  • Complete access to self-paced high quality video tutorials prepared by experienced and certified experts for 6 months.
  • Access to enterprise-class learning management system (LMS)
  • A certificate of course completion by Irine Digital Factory.
  • In-depth performance reporting for individuals and teams
  • 24x7 online support
  • Access to course forum for 6 months to discuss and share knowledge with peers and like minded professionals.
  • Enterprise discount for all the relevant events, workshops and webinars organised by Irine Digital Factory
What are the course objectives?
This Google-authorized Android training will put you on the path to being a certified Android app developer. We’ll take you through the basics of Android Studio, the default integrated development environment (IDE) supported by Google to develop Android apps, including user interfaces, activities, controls, layouts, services, content providers, location, multimedia APIs. Then you’ll move on to more advanced concepts such as wireless connectivity, syncing to cloud, Android Wear App development, and Google Play. You will acquire the necessary skillsets and experience for professional Android application development by building six top-trending applications during the course.What skills will you learn?
By the end of Certified Android App Developer training course, you will:
  • Become proficient in Android app development and pass the Associate Android Developer (AAD) Exam conducted by Google
  • Gain a thorough understanding of Android architecture
  • Build and publish your own Android apps in the Google Play store
  • Achieve expertise in app development for Android wearable devices
Who should take this course?
This Android training course is ideal for anyone looking to establish a career in Android app development. This course is best suited for:
  • Aspiring app developers seeking to master app development and gain professional competence
  • Web developers looking for a career change into Android app development
  • Students and other individuals looking to start a career in app development
It is recommended that you have a good understanding of Java, or take the Java Essentials.
Is there a certification exam for Android App Developers?
Yes, the official certification exam for Android App Developers is called the "Associate Android Developer Exam" which is conducted by Google. This exam demonstrates the type of skill that a new Android Developer should have as they begin their career. By passing this exam and earning the Associate Android Developer Certification, you will show that you are competent and skilled in tasks that a developer typically performs. Simplilearn's comprehensive training prepares you for this certification exam.
  • Adobe Certified Expert – Photoshop | InDesign | Digital Publishing Suite
  • CEO | Irine Digital Factory Pvt. Ltd
  • National Adjunct Faculty | Visual Communication & Digital Marketing | NIIT Ltd. & (Retainer, implemented over 3000 hours of virtual training on graphic designing, visual communication, digital marketing, customer relationship management to working professionals pan India)
  • Content Developer | NIIT Ltd. (Authored 6 books on digital marketing, 1 on Customer Relationship Management)
  • Art Director | India Today (Headed Art Direction and digital production of 17 magazines)
  • User Group Manager | Adobe InDesign | Illustrator User Groups – Delhi (Community driven program for over 2500 creative professionals pan Delhi NCR)
  • Senior Executive – Siemens Communication, Media & Technology (technical head of the digital publishing, developing highly engaging and intuitive apps for magazines)
  • Corporate Trainer & Workflow Consultant on Branding, Visual Communication, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing & Digital Publishing
  • Professional Certified Marketer | Digital Marketing – American Marketing Association
  • Social Marketing Certified – HootSuite
  • Google Analytics Certified
  • Google AdWords Fundamentals Certified
  • Google AdWords Search Certified
  • Google AdWords Display Certified
  • Google AdWords Mobile Certified
  • Google AdWords Video Certified
  • Google AdWords Shopping Certified
  • Google Mobile Sites Certified
  • Google Digital Sales Certified
  • Content Marketing Certified – HubSpot
  • Email Marketing Certified – HubSpot
  • Inbound Sales Certified – HubSpot
  • Content Marketing Certified – HubSpot
  • Digital Marketing: Customer Engagement, Social Media, Planning, & Analytics – Columbia Business School
  • Bing Ads Accredited Professional – Microsoft
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing (Pursuing) – Digital Marketing institute

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