Answer to master digital publishing challenges by Irine Digital Magazine Factory
Answer to master digital publishing challenges by Irine Digital Magazine Factory

DMF lets publishers focus on core competency, i.e., creating unique content. No specific requirement to procure expensive software or spend on skill development.

Our designers & device experts take care of bringing content to different device types with best user experience, making them available for sale across channels and devices, an ANSWER to all your worries for going digital. There are no investment risks for print publishers by out-sourcing to an end to end service provider like us.

Interactive and engaging advertising, in-depth analytical data and consumer behavior at your finger-tips, helps you customize marketing strategy, maximize consumer reach , monetize content, increase circulation revenue and strengthen brand.

Dealing with different devices, channels, stores and operating systems, and delivering a customized digital publishing strategy and production work-flow is our USP.

At DMF, we've contracted with different digital publishing solution providers and vendors. The choice of digital publishing suite to be used is independent of editorial management system being used by the publisher.

The uncoupling of both, editorial and digital production technologies gives us the power to switch to any digital publishing vendor down the line, without having to change or disturb the long established EMS publisher uses. Most of the digital publishing tools well integrate and the work-flows can be customized to work with publishers existing EMS.

Basis the nature of publisher's requirement and conversion required, DMF can make the print to digital conversion in tight deadlines. From PDF authoring to truly engaging and intuitive digital magazines, we use best practices, technologies and digital publishing tools to create user experience that catches the eye, is readable and user friendly for all ages groups, and most of all, adds to your brand value.

With tie-ups with most of the digital publishing vendors, we give you the best and matching solution in your budget.

DMF has a dedicated team of device experts, quality assurance and IT professionals, who test each issue and App for all the platforms, devices and user scenarios. All the issues are shared with publishers for review only after a go ahead from our QA team. Interactive features, lay-outing and U.I. are checked on different hand-held devices, for all the platforms. Apps are submitted to stores for review only after ensuring they are bug and crash free.

We make sure the Apps and issues are available for download on all the stores contracted for, and on time. Detailed analytics are reported on a regular basis to the publisher giving them an in-depth understanding of how the content is being consumed by readers.